19 January 2018 - 28 years passed since 20 January tragedy

20 january28 years have passed since the bloody tragedy of 20 January, which is considered as a heroical page in the history of the Azerbaijani people.

On the night of 19-20 January 1990 year the troops of the fromer Soviet Army committed a brutal crime in Baku against the civilians who had risen to establish an independent state and gain sovereignty.

As a result of the bloody crime, 147 citizens became martyrs, 638 people were injured, 841 people were illegally detained.

The massacre committed against the Azerbaijani people caused serious concern in all countries and the world’s leading media outlets have published articles on the tragedy regularly.

The Azerbaijani people will always remember and honor the bright memory of their sons and daughters, who have given their lives for freedom, territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan.