2008 August: "AzerTelecom" LLC was established.

August: Joint Venture with Synterra, C-Ring was established. The idea and purpose of joint venture was to create fiber ring around Caspian Sea to connect neighboring countries and to become part of Europe/Asia fiber network.
December: National DWDM backbone was operationally ready.
January: Start of international voice business.
June: Start of leased line business.


February: Start of internet wholesale business.
March: International backbone on western route to Istanbul/Frankfurt was operationally ready.
June: International backbone on northern route to Moscow/Frankfurt was operationally ready.
June: Baku IP backbone was operationally ready.
August: Start of fiber rollout to consumer and business market in Baku.   


February: Services launched in metro stations. 
March: FTTB network was launched.
May: Redundancy for Nakhichivan was established.
September: Class-5 network/EATS-310 technically has been launched and started to provide services.
May: A number of transits of traffic including Iran and Iraq for Frankfurt were established


June: Construction of Baku-Khirdalan-Sumgait FO cable line within Baku-Sumgait-Siyazan FO project was completed 
June:  Wi-Fi service for Mobile Network Operators was launched. 
November: Number portability platform was deployed.


May: “AzerTelecom” LLC provided redundancy for its west route through Georgian territory.  Now west route is fully redundant. Moreover, Sumgait-Siyazan part of Baku-Siyazan FO cable project was completed and hence, north route of “AzerTelecom” LLC network was fully protected
June: DPI solution was deployed.  


January: "AzerTelecom" LLC started to upgrade MPLS equipment in Baku and started to deploy MPLS in the regions.
March: "AzerTelecom" LLC has actively started to deploy and utilize IPRAN equipment for LTE Project 
June: A high level service for the customers was provided during Baku 2015 European Games.
July: “AzerTelecom” LLC upgraded its anti-DOS/DDOS attack platform, thus providing high-level security for customers also proposed anti-attack platform services for partners.
August: Second connection in the south route via Bilasuvar with Iran was established.
September: “AzerTelecom” LLC achieved fully reserved Border Routers. 


June: The Company provided high-level redundant communication services for its customers and international partners including Ferrari, Williams during Baku City Circuit Formula1 event.
November - December: "AzerTelecom” LLC participated at “Bakutel 2016” - 22nd Azerbaijan International Telecommunication and Information Technologies exhibition and conference, which was held on 29 November - 02 December in Baku city.

2017 October - December: "AzerTelecom" LLC became a main sponsor to Milli Net 2017 Event.
November: A contract that envisages the placement of CDN cache servers of Facebook in DATA centre of "AzerTelecom" has been signed.22-05-2019


August: "AzerTelecom" celebrated its 10 years anniversary.
October: "AzerTelecom" participated in the 11th International Exhibition for Telecom and IT Industry - "Turkmentel 2018", held in Asgabat, Turkmenistan.
December: "AzerTelecom" participated at the “BakuTel 2018” – 24th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference.
December: "AzerTelecom" supported the "Milli Net 2018" as a general sponsor.


March: Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan signed an intergovernmental agreement on laying fiber-optic cable along the bottom of the Caspian Sea.

April: "AzerTelecom" and "China Telecom" signed a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding within the framework of the 2nd International Forum "One Belt, One Road" in Beijing, China within the "Azerbaijan Digital Hub" program.

September: "AzerTelecom" was awarded the "Caspian Energy Award" and named “The Telecommunications Company of the Year” at the 9th International Caspian Energy Forum Baku 2019.

October: A Public-Private Partnership Consortium was established with the participation of "AzerTelecom" at “The 3rd Digital Trade Forum: Digitalization of the Silk Road” in Baku.

November: A ceremony took place in Aktau, Kazakhstan to launch work on the construction of the Trans-Caspian Fiber Optic (TCFO) cable line between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan along the bottom of the Caspian Sea.

November: Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan signed an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of a backbone fiber-optic cable line through the seabed of the Caspian Sea within the "Turkmentel 2019" exhibition.

December: "AzerTelecom" presented the "Azerbaijan Digital Hub" program at "Baku Tel 2019" -  the 25th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Telecommunications, Innovation and High Technologies Exhibition in Baku, and the company's stand was awarded the "The most innovative stand".

December: “Azerbaijan Digital Hub” program was named “Infrastructure Project of the Year” based on the results of the IV International Forum “Time of Innovation 2019” held in Baku.